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Eileen Visser Attorneys

about us

Eileen Visser Attorneys is a dynamic law firm established in April 2019 and located in Lynnwood Manor, Pretoria.

Eileen Visser as more than 10 years experience and has extensive knowledge in civil litigation, divorce and family law and evictions.

We are a general practice litigation law firm, with a drive and passion for litigation, both commercial and civil.

Our knowledge is vast and can be applied to your benefit in any legal field, which continually encompasses our intricate services, in the fulfilment of your mandate. Every matter is handled with the utmost care.


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About us

Legal services you can trust.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide personal attention to clients and to attend to each matter and client on a timely and efficient basis. We strive to protect your interests, no matter how small


Our Vision

Our vision is to make professional legal services affordable and accessible to all.

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