Drafting of Contracts

Yes, your relationship with the other party might be perfect, but what happens in case of a disagreement? The sad fact is that, as convenient as it may be, oral contracts or even worse, poorly written contracts are a surefire way to contractual disputes, often necessitating the involvement of contract attorneys. A contract is supposed to protect you “just in case” a disagreement occurs. In any contractual relationship, it is vitally imperative that each party is very clear about and establishes what they want to get out of that contractual relationship. Drafting a contract involves writing out the terms and details of an agreement so those who sign it can fully understand it. While a contract can be written by anyone, it’s important to have a lawyer draft it to ensure its legally binding. Eileen Visser Attorneys have the experience and knowledge you need in drafting a variety of contracts, including: Drafting of lease agreements, agreements of sale, employment agreements, restraint of trade agreements, and various other agreements. So, whether you are looking for a contract lawyer to help draw up or review some contract documents, or if you need to hire one or more attorneys on a contractual basis for a specific project, be sure to speak to any one of our team of lawyers at Eileen Visser Attorneys.

drafting contracts