Children’s Court Matters

Children are one of the most vulnerable groups in society,
and the law places a lot of emphasis on protecting children in every way possible.

Family law is the section of the law that is dedicated to protecting and serving the best interests and the rights and responsibilities of children and their parents. When it comes to child maintenance, the law is fairly straightforward. The difficulty within family law is not within the law itself, but rather in the applications. Nothing is more heartbreaking than a child caught in the middle of a custody battle.

Eileen Visser Attorneys provides you with services such as; drafting and registration of Parental Plans, disputes over primary residence and contact rights, and other matters pertaining to minor children that requires court intervention. It cannot be emphasized enough that the best interests of the child are of the utmost importance in all matters concerning the child. This means that from criminal cases involving a child; to cases of adoption; to divorces involving a child or children the court must put the interests of the child first.

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We are serving the best interests, the rights and responsibilities of children

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