General Civil Litigation

South Africa is a constitutional democracy that adheres to the Rule of Law, meaning that all people are subject to the same laws of justice.

Litigation is an exceedingly complex area of law and involves the representation of clients in the various Courts of our South Africa including the High, Magistrates’, Appeal, Constitutional and Criminal Courts. Litigation involves the legal process for settling those disputes or claims between and amongst natural persons, juristic persons and the state that requires objective determination. No person is immune against getting embroiled in legal disputes. When legal disputes disrupt your business or personal life, having a committed, knowledgeable attorney to zealously advocate on your behalf brings comfort and peace of mind. We understand how stressful civil litigation can be and offer you sound legal advice and personal support, from initiation of legal proceedings to trial hearings.

Eileen Visser Attorneys represents clients in litigation, arbitration and mediation. We can help you in the defense of all types of general civil litigation in state and federal courts. We are highly knowledgeable and skilled in the procedures of the various courts and will be able to represent you in a wide variety of disputes. We are skilled in the process followed by the high court, district and magistrate courts in South Africa. No case is too big or too small for Eileen Visser Attorneys.

general civil litigation

We represent our clients in trials, arbitrations and mediations

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