Landlord – Tenant Dispute

Hundreds of thousands of individuals, couples and family rent accommodation in South Africa, and it is important that the rights of landlords & tenants are respected.

Similarly, many people buy second homes as an investment, and their rights as landlords too must be respected, the law of Landlord and Tenant aims to strike a balance between the rights of the respective parties. Landlord/tenant disputes are extremely varied. The landlord may not take care of the property that is owned, or the tenant may not take care of the property that is being leased. Disputes may arise over the paying of rent. Eviction proceedings can arise due to misunderstandings. As both the landlord and the tenant take on a number of obligations toward each other when they sign a lease, it's not surprising that litigation can result when one of these obligations is not met.

At Eileen Visser Attorneys, our experienced lawyers understand that a simple miscommunication or misunderstanding can quickly evolve into a serious problem. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, we are equipped to help you find a resolution efficiently and without unnecessary delays. The dynamic that exists between a landlord and a tenant is important for maintaining stability in their business relationship. If both parties live up to the expectations set forth in their rental agreement, the situation can be beneficial for everyone involved. When complications arise, however, the relationship between landlord and tenant can deteriorate and become volatile.

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