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Eileen Visser Attorneys is a young, dynamic and well-respected law firm and have the privilege to act as a correspondent for a number of large Firms across the country.

We offer updated and professional services to act as Correspondents Attorneys in both the South Gauteng High Court, as well as the various Magistrates’ Courts that fall within our jurisdiction. We have established an excellent reputation for providing litigation correspondent services to law firms nationwide. On instruction our team will assist our colleague’s country wide with any legal related matters. Our dedication to offering our clients a professional service of the highest standard has grown our firm into a recognized and preferred name for litigation correspondent services.

Here at Eileen Visser Attorneys, our focus is not only on providing exceptional services but also on building strong relationships with our colleagues. We have a dedicated department dealing with all Correspondent work which ensures reliable, trustworthy, fast and efficient service. We strive to build long-lasting working relationships with all our colleagues. We attend to all correspondent work, such as, but not limited to; Issuing of documents, delivery of documents at the relevant sheriff’s offices, serving and filing of documents, urgent applications, uplifting of documents, attendance to queries, index and paginating, taxations and court appearances (including appearances in the Criminal Courts). We pride ourselves on our quick and efficient work

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